July 25, 2012


It had been one year on 22 July 2012. The time has gone so fast until I do not realise what we have been done in these year. Alhamdulillah. A gift from god to us. Hani Batrisya. She is four months and 16 days today. There is no wishlist any more since we have got her. Hee~

Dear, happy anniversary to us! Hopefully we will be together until the end. Amin.

Here some picture from the first I met him until solemnization day. Hee~

First picture of us 

year 2009

year 2010

year 2011

Oh my god! Theres no picture for three of us yet. Okay, lets wait until Hari Raya. Ehe.

P.s : Macam mana boleh lupa nak tangkap gambar bertiga ni? Haish~

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