May 12, 2011

The thingS that you've surprised me.

You've surprised me :

1. First time when you said you are falling in love with me. At that time, Im not sure is it true or not. With my unstabilized brain, I accepted you. Thank god. Its a right desicion. And I hope so it will last until the day that I die. =)

2. When my first birthday with you was celebrated at one of the 'high-end' diner. It was the day that I have a "killer" paper for my final and I was crying. At the end, you've invited me to having a dinner with you. I remembered that I ate the slice of cake alone. Hehe.

3. When you are rushingly invited me to watch movie at cinema. The suddenly plan(s) were exactly surprised me but with my innocent face, I just followed the flow. Hee~

4. When you cut your hair after arguing with me that you didn't want to cut it. I'm so surprised! Even the first time you cut while you want to approach(?) me [haha!] and the second time is on the day that my brother was hospitalized. I'm surprised okay. I did want to tell you. I DID WANT but I'm not telling you because your friend was there. Segan ok! After that, I just forgot to tell to. Sorry. =)

5. When you asked about marriage. When you asked about marrying you. This is the one I surprised almost. Hee~

Even it just 5 items that I jotted down, theres many thing that you do are surprised me. Thank you dear. Its not like I'm arguing what you are doing. Its not like I'm not care you have been doing. Its just like I don't want to miss that moment so that it can be the things that I can remember in my life. Just like this.

But always. When I let it be, I forgot to thank you. I forgot to say that I'm surprised. And now, I'm sorry. My bad. Don't ever give up to do this again. Because I'm waiting for this thing again and again. Thank you dear. Thank you for cheering me up. Thank you so much.

P.s : Kadang-kadang perlu jiwang untuk ekspresikan perasaan kita. =)


tfa said...


ps// apek plis reply! :P

Anonymous said...

sepak kang~~~


Fatin Mazelan said...

tfa : dah reply. kat handphone. hehe.
lover : =P

say- O said...

ini post yang paling jiwang penah ko tulis. tahniah.

Fatin Mazelan said...

seriously? ce cek balik. terima kasih. =)