June 10, 2010


Motif : Saja mengarut. Nak testing. Haha.

I feel like empty.
Not sometimes, always.
Even I have you.

Seems like you not love me.
But more to take care of me.
Sometimes i feel it like that.

I don't know either me or you.
Always. I think its my fault.
I don't know why.
I just could not blame you.
Because maybe at the end its always me.

Its been a year.
Still. I think I'm just a replacement for the past.
Okay. My fault to think like this.
But what I've been thinking.
It could not stop.

Please. I beg you.
Forgive me.
To think like this.
Even its been a year.

Its always sometimes.
I feel empty.
No. Its always.

p/s : benda lama jangan dikenang. Gambar saya pula bila nak tampal kat cermin? hehe.

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